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Game Ideas

Well just starting a thread to talk and discuss about game ideas. so yes, basically a new brainstorming thread haha.

Survival Horror Game
There are a lot of different survival horror games, to FPS to adventure ones. Most of them happen on a abandoned building or in a dark forest, but for me, there is a place which is even scarier, and that ive never seen being used in any game: The ocean.

Imagine one day awaking in the middle of the ocean, with nothing more than water in the distance, think about all the thngs that could be under you, and that you dont see. we know more about space, tan about our seas.

thats why i thought about a game where you start in the middle of the sea, and you have to search a way for surviving, such as searching things floating in the water and maybe crafting them to build a boat, or a platform or something, or dive inside the water and try to find something there. Thats the idea. sure the game would have the potential to become an interesting experience.

Unlike ordinary RTS, this game would allow you to take direct control of any of your units, therefore it would be considered FPS too and the game would need more action than RTS games are used to have. Arma 3 could be considered a RTS/FPS hybrid game, but it is a military simulator, and im aiming for something more ''casual''. There is a lot of people that cannot play Arma because of that, its a very tactical and a slow game, very realistic, not fun to play if you are not enough pacient and you are used to play cod.

The idea basically is a RTS/FPS hybrid with a similar sci-fi setting and vast battlefield seen in Supreme commander, combined with the destruction seen in world in conflict, plus the base building and the defense building seen in company of heroes, as well as the inmersive battles seen in men of war both in open fields and interiors. The objective is to control all or most of the command points until the time reaches 0, or to wipe out the entyre enemy base and army.

i know, Gettysburg: AW and Killing horizon are similar to this, but they are more similar to the total war series: You spawn your army in the battlefield, no buildings, no destruction at all, no defenses, etc (im only considering Gettysburg as KH is still wip). so you now can see the difference.

Another game that mixes strategy and shooter greatly is: Full spectrum warrior: ten hammers.

I actually had this idea since a long time ago, the most similar modern game to it is Novus Aeterno, a persistent universe( ) that is alive even if youre offline. The idea is very similar to this browser game idea i had:

The other games im going to use as reference too are space engineers, spore,f a solar empire , star wars: empire at war and beyond protocol (This last one is the most similar one, but its a veery old one).

The game would be set in an almost infinite persistent universe, where players start in a planet that has been just colonized, and that have to start building structures, you would not be alone in that planet so you need to créate an army to defend yourself from pirates, aliens and other enemies. After succesfully controlling the planet, you will start creating your first spaceship fleet which you'll use to transport ground armies, and invade or colonize other planets. as in any mmo, the objective would be becoming the best, nonetheless one common goal or objective could be added, so for example the invasión of the alien homeplanet, or another ''quest'' etc... It would be cool if you could customize and personalize, even build your own units from scratch, this way your units would look as you wnated to, and these would have the properties you wanted.

Main points:
- Persistent universe as seen in beyond protocol and novus aeterno.
- Ground combat and building as seen in empire at war and beyond protocol.
- space combat as seen in novus aeterno, empire at war, beyond protcol and sins of a solar empire.
- Creation and customisation of your nuits and spacecrafts as seen in space engineers and spore

I dont know what you tihnk, but for me this is a great concept game. having a huge empire, and an amry made of units that youve designed, wow that sure is attractive to me. Minecraft, starmade, space engineers... Sure that games les you create manu stuff, but i never have seen this being exploited in a RTS at all, in galactic civilisations this was posible, but its turned based, not real time. And in spore yeah you could create your own vehicles and army, but you controlled only a single spaceship at the end :/. In addition it would be a mmo/rts mixture which is not common too. So this, could be a huuge succes, and it could posible have one of the best kickstarters ever. (castle story, planetary annihilation and stonehenge style)

FPS/Multiplayer only
What would happen, if you combined Far cry 3, and battlefield 4?

Imagine a sci-fi multiplayer game, with class personalization and vehicles like in battlefield 4, plus an user friendly map editor and map sharing like in far cry 3, as well as gamemodes from both games. This would be a game where it would be very hard to get bored, as its content would never end. I never understand why arent there other games that exploit the feature far cry series offers, many people buy it only for its map editor.

Another hybrid idea, i explained this one in the kh brainstorming thread, basically the space warfare posible expansion pack.

Basically the combination of homeworld 2 (RtS) with star wars battlefront 2 space battles (Fps). (angels fall first planetstorm too)

Fantasy/Medieval Castle/City builder/RTS/Tower defense
Simcity, Cities xl... There ar emany city builders, but ive never seen one that allows you to create your own fantasy medieval city, fortress and castle, and defend it from enemy waves. you could place structures and buildings wherver you wnated. and, yes there is a game called castle story which is basically this, but im not saying a castle made of blocks/bricks, so more like:

good graphics, friendly UI and multiple opptions to design everything, so it would be easy to make your own minas tirith or other huge fortress like that.

Sci-fi/Survival/Tower defense/adventure
Basically the idea of space nomads, but expanded: (Unfortunately this game was canceled due to lack of budget :( )
I love that it has similar looks with Borderlands 2.

While I was playing, I had some ideas, so I've decided to post them here. Here we go:

Vehicles: I have seen that you already have a bot that collects resources, thats very useful indeed. But since we are going to travell long distances, vehicles will become essential,and more if you have to take down ''boss'' monsters. These could be a buggy ( ) , Tank ( ) , Exosuit mech/walker ( ) and a gunship/helicopter ( ). You could craft those or even customize them, depends of the game mechanics you want to add in the future. Of course vehicles would be used by players. Some nice addon would be that you could create ''robots'' that can control vehicles and defend the base, but not sure about that though, it's like having your own little army. (If you planned to add new resources you even could add oil, which would be used to use and create those.)
PD: I have just remembered a game called starhawk, here the mech walker could be transformed into a jet, and the tank into a static artillery. Maybe vehicles in spacenomads could work the same way ( )

Multiple bases: The world will be huge, with various biomes, so stablishing more than 1 base is necessary. They could be connected between something like for example portals, that way you wouldn't need to travel large distances, and you could explore from the last base you had stablished. How to stablish a new base? Well, you could craft a ''truck'' vehicle like you do with all the other vehicles, but with the ability to become a base (Very expensive). Then it would be the same as a normal base, where you can craft, build and respawn.

Upgrades/miscellaneous: Like you can craft an smg, it would be great if you could craft certain upgrades too, such as more armor (+HP), a jetpack (with limits of course), a tool that heals/repairs and other weapons such as a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle (1 shoot 1 kill), shotgun (semi-automatic), flamethower... Or even a melee weapon such as a chainsword, lightsaber or energy shield/iron shield (which could give you some type of bonus). When it comes to base objects, then a big door or gate would be necessary, as well as an elevator or ladders.A way to improve and optimize blocks placement would be being able to drag a line to different directions, just like the walls in ''age of empires'' were placed. Another addon that would be nice are grenades, these could be frag grenades, grenades that paralyze ( ), fire grenades (flames, just like a molotov). Even grenades that fly and search for a near enemy (that would be similar to mines, but flying ones that search and destroy). Then something that would help a lot would be being able to use prefabricated buildings if you have enough resources, that would help stablishing a new base a lot.

Turrets: I have seen you've already added a AA turret, thank you, it was really necessary. The alpha only has Laser turrets and gatling gun, which are fine, but there should be other turrets designed for bigger targets such as the wave ''boss'' or some gigantic creature that could atack your base. So: Laser turret, gatling turret, AA turret, Grenade launcher turret and railgun cannon turret, and even a sniper turret or rocket turret that could work as a long range turret and an energy shield turret to defend from long ranged atacks. It would be interesting too if you could place a radar turret that shows you red dots in a minimap or in the compass, these would be enemies of course, and it shouldn't have a too large operational range, only around the base. allies would be green, or of the color your team is.
PD: Some kind of turret that the player could control? And what about automatic turrets into some class of vehicle truck? In a trailer perhaps, so it has a huge flat cargo capacity where players can stay, and put automatic turrets there. That should be useful, specifically when you're playing alone and driving without being able to fire anything. (Though borderlands 2 vehicle controls would work great here too, the driver can drive and use the weapons at the same time, but when a another player sits as gunner then he controls all the weapons and the driver only drives).

Aliens: New alien enemies will be necessary as well as bosses. I have seen the new ones called ''jumpers'', that's a good one. Have you thought about insects that atack from long distances with a long range weapon? Such as venom, stingers, spores, acid, lightnings, etc... Even ones that are like 'kamikazes'' they just run to you and explode releasing something (kinda boomer like in l4d or the flood from halo). Others could go below ground and dig, even ambush and trap you. It would be nice if a new flying creature was like an insectoid dragon, that could be a stronger monster or even a boss. (Even something that looks like a chamaleon/Mantis) any chances of adding intelligent alien life?

Multiplayer: Probably the best part of the game. It has a lot of potential there, since being only a cooperative survival, to PvP. As you already know cooperative is about to survive and explore a planet, then escape from ithere building a spaceship (I think it was this way). You could apply this to PvP too. (Another goal could be to secure the planet to establish a colony)
It could be PvPvE, that means that there are some teams that are enemies and have to survive waves of insects and atacks from the other teams, the first one to escape wins, if all your bases are destroyed you lose.
And then it could be PvP only, no insects or aliens. In other words, war between bases where the mission is not escape but only destroy the enemy base.
And deathmatches in custom maps made in creative mode.
To sum up: PvE, PvPvE, PvP in open world and PvP in custom maps.

World: I have seen the video where you say that you're prettending to create diifferent biomes such as Desert, Jungle, Plains and Mountains, even caves. We players will need to hunt special monsters,(I suppose ''boss'' monsters) and seek for special artifacts to rebuild our spaceship and escape from the planet. Thats really cool! By the way, you could add some random structures, rivers, swamps, waterfalls, bridges... To create an unique and appealing environment (Borderlands 2 style). You could even be inspired from fantasy worlds, and make flying islands (That could explain why blocks can be in the middle of the air without falling lol), of course you would need aircraft to get in there. And, are the alien species going to have swarms or colonies? For example, to get to the alien queen you will have to fight your way, get into a laberynth, etc...

If it had some more borderland 2 features, this would be a really good game. Such as aliens dropping weapons and other stuff with different stats.

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all these games from above

all these games from above would be for PC of course, but I have also ideas for PC, Smartphones and Tablet games:

Online cooperative/Last stand (tower defense)
I would love to see a cooperative online game about resisting huge waves of enemies, Dawn of war II Last stand style:

you would control a single character DOW2 Last stand/League of legends mode, and you would have some customised soldiers following you. you can change tools, weapons and abilities. (for exmaple one that allows you to call artillery, air strike, deploy a friendly tank etc... Add a mortar in the inventory, C4 kind explosives, gatling gun etc...).

I would love to see some of the tower defense features seen in sanctum 2:

Plus being able to build tanktraps, sandbags, walls, etc like in company of heroes:

Key points:
- Online last stand strategy cooperative game for up to 4 people in a match.
- You can customise your commander (The character youre going to use, for example wepaons tolos and abilities, and maybe a mech suit etc), and you can have up to 6 soldiers controlled by the AI that will follow you and that you can customise too.
- Small/medium sized maps, enemy waves come from all directions, you start at the center of the map and have to remain alive as many time as posible, you can capture command points that will give you extra points if you can keep them from being captured by the enemy.
- You can build defenses such as walls, sandbags, turrets etc and call in tactical aids such as air strikes and reinforcements.

The UI would need a lot of work, but i think this game would become very addictive too. Of course it ould have a offline mode too, but the idea of playing with other people in a Smartphone, that combines tower defense with a bit of RPG and strategy is great. Of course is not an easy game to amke as flappy birds is lol.

I would like to see some kind of business simulator game for android, recently i have been playing Game dev tycoon, and its very interesting and adictive. If it could have a multpilayer mode, wow it would be great, so much competitive game. i remember Industry giants II, that was a fun game. Of course tycoon series are great too. i dont know if there is anything like this in the android google store.

Survival horror/Cooperative online
The idea is that the players got Locked down inside a abandoned mansion, and they have to find a way out. The difficulty is that it is very dark inside, although you have a flashlight, and the only way to open doors is to find the key first. and its not an easy taks, as there is a monster walking trough the entyre mansion that will go after you if you make any kind of strange sound, or if it sees the light, so you have to keep very quiet, and hide in the dark as fast as you hear it. Its a very scary and difficult game, kind of slenderman multiplayer version. There could be a gamemode where the monster could be a player to, nut in principle it would be controlled by the AI.

also every time you played, the keys would be randomly placed inside the building, and you would need diferent keys to open diferent doors, so each time would be a new experience as you never know where the monster and the keys would be placed.

"Instead of making a game you hope many people will like, it's sometimes better to create a game you know a few people will love"

''My intention is not to create something that won't be hated; it's to create something that will be passionately loved''

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looks like someone was

looks like someone was inspired by my Survival Horror Game in the ocean:
If I only knew how to make games...

In addition i also found that thia game has some features similar to many diferent ones i said for each game idea:

"Instead of making a game you hope many people will like, it's sometimes better to create a game you know a few people will love"

''My intention is not to create something that won't be hated; it's to create something that will be passionately loved''

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