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Browser game ideas

I found curious that yesterday I discovered a browser game, but its not from a big company or nothing like that. And it already has thousands of players, and guess what? The game was released 3 days ago. Thats very impressive considering there isnt any advertising at all.

It surprised me even more as I discovered that this game is a mere copy of Ogame, but with a modern setting, so there aren't spaceships... But they are actually having profits, I mean, they have a Pay 2 Win system that is working pretty well and many people are contributing to it. Don't get me wrong, I don't support pay 2 win elements at all, It's just that i think that you actually have the skills to make one, and that you could actually take advantage of the servers you already have, and the advertisment and profits this game could give to you to fund yourself.

I repeat, I kinda support pay to win elements, only in totally free to play browser games, because there is no other way to gather resources and fund yourself to maintain these games and make new ones, unless you had donations, but i think these should be rewarded in a browser game, because unlike games like killing horizon, a browser game its not a game you buy and then you own, it's something for the community, no purchasers.

I know you are busy with killing horizon, but if you have the resources to make it, take a look further into it and consider making something related to this, maybe related to the killing horizon universe.

(If you have doubts wether to make it or not, you could start a kickstarter campaign talking about what the game will be, if it succeds, you make it, if not, you just will center in killing horizon. But im saying this because you could take advantage of killing horizons concept art to make the browser game pictures.)

Do you remember these ideas? you could take advantage of them too:

-Game set in the distant future, maximum splendor of the space race, time of colonization of other planets.
-Battle to the death between 3 (Or 2) different factions to dominate a number of planets, including 3 special planets of strategic and economic importance.
-Customization of the ''Hero'', which provides potentials and attributes according to their statistics (Stats).
- Domination of the three special planets created by alien ancestors for more than 38 hours. After that, the game would end and would initiate a new round, everything is reset after this. To dominate the planets you need only one of the three factions to control the capital city (with more splendor/glory) of each planet, if it is able to maintain it for 38 hours, that faction wins.
-Quests and missions against artificial intelligence (Pirates, aliens etc), able to play in cooperative mode and to put passwords/invitations to limit players who were going to be part of the battle.
- Each planet is divided into territories of different types (each with exclusive bonuses) and these are further divided into cities, the player with the city with more glory/splendor of a territory, controls that territory. The maximum number of cities per territory is 1 per player, without any other limit.
-Ability to loot / destroy / capture / defend cities.
-Both terrestrial and space battles, even interplanetary. You have a space/terrestrial army customized to your whim, as defenses to protect your cities.
- Advanced economy system (Goods materials, fuel, credits, energy and population). Adjustable tax management to citizens of your cities. Productivity goes up or down depending on how high taxes are.
- Banking and trade system based on the flow of goods and artificial intelligence. Possibility to buy and sell ''stocks'' of players, price based on the ratio of win / loss of that player.
-Technology to research and develop in research centers by scientists recruited by the player, which would be citizens of their cities.
-Construction of buildings by number, not by level. They can be destroyed in ''Destroy'' missions, since in this type of mission the player seeks to destroy the city and not to plunder or to capture it. Though some buildings are only built once and later upgraded, such as the hangar, research center, trade center etc...
- Incorporation of interplanetary nuclear missiles to destroy cities, as well as interception missiles to destroy them.
- Real-time combat system, where it shows the course of the battle, the number of units, as well as a report on the situation. The battles would last a while until the enemy units are 0, allies can be incorporated during that time. The attacked city increases his unit time production exponentially as well as the collection of resources decreses for the duration of the battle. Battles can occur 3 bands. The situation is summarized in a bar with 2 or 3 colors that shows who is superior and who is inferior. The longer is the power bar of that facion, the more superiority it has compared to the other.
(have you ever played Galactic Civilizations? it's very similar to it, but in a browser game, and without the battle animations)
-Incorporation of a contingency table. Not all units can attack all units, they have some limits. (F.E. infantrymen cannot attack a battleship, but battleship can attack the infantrymen if it is a ''Destroy'' mission)
- PvP Arena against organizations or organizations (clans) where you fight to prove your power. No units are lost in these ''Friendly'' battles since they are a kind of virtual tournaments.
-Unless you got a good Publisher, you would need lots of advertisment, but one way to encourage people to play the game, is by giving a reward to the best player of the first round. (money? something exclusive? killing horizon rewards? etc...) If its a great succes, im pretty sure that even some big company would like to buy the rights for the game.

Technology research examples

Infrastructure: This research allows to build more buildings in the cities. 15% more free spaces for eahc level.
Geology: Increases the productivity of workers in mines, refineries and factories. 10% each level.
Weapons technology: Researchs weaponry to create more advanced units. units make 10% more damage with each level.
Defense Systems: Necessary to create defenses. Units have 10% more armor for each level.
Combustion engine: Basic to operate all vehicles. Units move 10% faster each level.
Engine Drive: Required to create basic starships. Units move 20% faster each level.
Hyperspace Technology: Necessary to create advanced starships. Units move 30% faster each level.

Buildings examples

Mines: Produces goods and other resources
Factories: Produces credits (Money)
Refineries: Produces fuel
Nuclear Plants: Produces energy
Houses and skycrappers: Produce population (Inhabitants)
Storages: Used to save bigger amounts of resources, and keep them safe from loots.
Space elevator: Increases productivity in general.
Hangar: Required to produce air units .
Training camp: Required to produce ground units .
Headquarters: Needed to be able to build defenses and send units from one city to another . First building to be built.
Silo: Provides and produces nuclear missiles (maximum 500) and interception missiles (maximum 1000 ) .
Research center: Used to research technologies.
Trade center: Here you can sell and buy units and resources for money, as well as Exchange resources directly.
Bank : Used to store credit, for having money in the bank from time to time it gives an interest, the interest will depend on whether there is much movement in the market or there is Little. All the money you put on the bank could be extracted for use in any city you owned. If you got looted by someone and you didnt had that money (Credits) inside the bank, you would lose them because players would steal. Makes you able to buy players ''actions'' or ''stocks'' (Explained above in the summary list).

Ground units

Soldier: Relatively inexpensive and does not use fuel, but is weak against all other units other than soldiers and is really slow to travel long distances.

Heavy Soldier: Not as cheap as the soldier , but more effective against armored vehicles, weak against the soldier and is really slow to travel long distances. No fuel used .

Infantry Transport Vehicle: Use little fuel and is very fast , can carry up to 4 soldiers quickly . It has little firepower and a light armor , but is especially effective against infantry .
Infantry fighting vehicle: Heavy version of the Infantry Transport Vehicle, though not that fast, but more powerful, and it has more armor. can carry up to 8 soldiers.
Heavy Tank : The most powerful and expensive of all , but is a powerful force in story to firepower and defense , their limited mobility makes it weak against fast units , especially air units . Use a lot of fuel.
Mech: A terrifying combat bipod , has both ground-ground weapons and surface-to- air , is a vehicle of latest technology , with great firepower and speed of movement , and uses little fuel . Its only downside is its light armor compared to the tanks.
Heavy Helicopter/gunship: Fast and powerful, effective against all ground units , but is an easy target for air units as it has no strong air -to-air weapons . Use a lot of fuel .
Light helicopter/gunship: It has powerful air-air weapons , but has no effective weapons against ground armored units . It uses little fuel.
Dropship: They can transport from infantry ( 12 soldiers ) to heavy tanks ( 1 vehicle ) at faster speeds than the troop Vehicle , however , they only carry air -to-air weapons which are not very effective , so they need an escort to protect them. It uses little fuel.
Heavy anti-aircraft Vehicle : When enemy air units are a problem , this vehicle is a clear choice . Simply ground-to-air weapons and uses a lot of fuel .
Light anti-aircraft Vehicle: cheaper than the heavy antiaircraft vheicle , has less firepower , but the possibility of firing against ground units and that uses little fuel make this a really necessary unit in any battlefield .
Artillery: Heavy artillery is a key unit with a powerful long range fire that can destroy almost everything it hits. Although that it can not attack air units and that is relatively slow and uses a lot of fuel , it has a strong armor that can withstand heavier tanks .
Spy Agent: only used for what it is ; spy on the enemy and know their weaknesses. No fuel used .

Mixed units:
As the name suggests these vehicles take part both in space battles and on land battles :

Small cargo spaceship: The small cargo ship has a capacity of 10,000 resources, are usually escorted by other ships , as their firepower is reduced. It uses little fuel.
Large cargo spaceship This ship accompanying squads in raids on enemy cities or planets to capture as many resources as possible. use medium fuel.
Transport ship : Made especially for transporting many units quickly and efficiently through space. Can transport thousands of units.
Light fighter: dogfights
Heavy fighter (Used both as bomber and fighter)
coloniser ship: settle new cities
Gunship bomber: The bomber is a ship specially designed to destroy defense systems on some planet . The bomber can drop bombs with great precision on the surface of the planet causing immense damage to defense systems , because it has a mechanism of laser-controlled precision and several anti-tank guns that would make a function similar to the U.S. AC- 130 .

When the battle is located in space

Espionage Probe : espionage probes are small androids capable of transmitting data on planets and enemy squadrons at great distances. The highly advanced propulsion system probes allowed travel great distances quickly

Ground defenses
Just shoot against ground units and / or mixed mentioned above.

Electrified barbed wire (only against infantry)
Light Missile battery (only against vehicles)
Mines (only against ground units)
Bunker with heavy machinegun (only against infantry and light vehicles)
Bunker with antitank railgun Turret (against all kinds of ground unit)
Antiaircraft Fortification (only against land and air mix units )
Small shield generator (only built once, a generator creates a energy shield bubble)

Orbital defenses
They only shoot at spaceships and / or mixed:

Light laser cannon/Gatling gun (mainly effective against fighters)
Heavy Missile Battery (A conventional but very effective weapon against those units without shields)
Heavy laser cannon (The laser gun expanded to be able to attack larger ships, but given its size is not as effective as laser light against hunters)
Ion Cannon (The weapon that disable the shields and makes electronic damage)
Gauss Cannon (A gun that is capable of passing ships even with energy shields)
Plasma Cannon (The ultimate weapon against large ships, arose from the need to deal with the destroyers)
Large shield generator (only built once, is a generator that creates energy shield bubble to defend the city from orbital attacks)

Ill add screenshots later so it will be more clear.

This could be useful:

Games i would recommend to use as inspiration:

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Holy crap man, how do you

Holy crap man, how do you find the time to type all this up LOL

*adds to reading list*

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It's something I already had

It's something I already had written and that I posted in the brainstorming thread in killing horizon subforums because I thought it could have some relation with its universe, but well as it does not have a direct relation with the game, I thought I should post it somewhere else, so we could keep things organised.

actually i'm editing all my posts on the brainstorming thread so it only talks about killing horizon and other relevant features for it.

"Instead of making a game you hope many people will like, it's sometimes better to create a game you know a few people will love"

''My intention is not to create something that won't be hated; it's to create something that will be passionately loved''

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Ah gotcha. Thanks again for

Ah gotcha. Thanks again for your time and all your feedback man!!

- Dan

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my eyes! they hurt from

my eyes! they hurt from reading!

Game breaker 0.o

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