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because everyone everywhere loves (or should) love them.

i also just realized i have no current full collection photo.
but it now reads as such.

Para Ord 1911
Remmington 11-87 (12ga)
Benelli Nova (12ga)
Remmington 870 (20ga)
Ruger 10/22

speaking of the 1911, i met a famous man the day i bought it! (go go concealed pistol license, same day sales)

so danny, whats new in your collection.

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Nice start! :-p I'm firmly in

Nice start! :-p I'm firmly in 20+ gun category ... just about everything you can think of lol ... expanded lately also lol.

We'll talk in e-mail ;-)

Dude you get to meet Gunny! Awesome ... good to hear you have your carry license also.

Why did you go AK not AR ? Yew some kinda commie 'r something ? ;-o

- Dan

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