Update & Modability of Killing Horizon ...

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Update & Modability of Killing Horizon ...

Hey guys,

A quick update - I'm working on refining all elements of the engine by developing a small 4-6 week 'mod' for Killing Horizon [ I'm on week ~4 now ]... I've solved so many technical and game-experience-asthetic issues by simply working on the game and technology in a different framework. The mod (modification) for Killing Horizon is called 'Just Death', you can view it here www.JustDeath.com, it's totally unrelated to Killing Horizon in terms of game universe goes ... my engine and technology will be easily modable/modifiable for this game, just check out how different the two projects look, and all adjustments and refinements I'm making to this 'mod' are 100% applied to Killing Horizon and my engine due to the fact they use a shared code base.

I'll keep you updated on Killing Horizon - also another point is I've been funding and developing Killing Horizon for almost 2 years now - it's close to being playable/fun but after more than 24 months on a single project I get bored/lose the spark that was there initially. By focusing on a mod I give myself a mental break form the project while still making tons of progress on the engine and mod-ability of my tech.

I'll keep you guys updated! I also really appreciate all the support! Please register on the site here & any check my twitter/facebook feeds if you'd like more info/updates!

- Dan