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Game Dev Tycoon

This is a simulator where you control a videogame company, is very interesting and quite uncommon, check the trailer:

And well I just started developing a game called:'' Fuck the Duty: Modern Camper '' hahaha let's see how much money ill make with this lol, maybe its going to end my career lol

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Lol - I heard about this game

Lol - I heard about this game a while ago.

I still maintain Theme Park sims are the best ( after SimCity ) actually, I liked the theme park ones more :-) I wish I had time to play games more, spend too much time coding I can see all the strings behind the scene - I guess it kind of kills the experience :-}

Ah, Tycoon games - I still remember Railroad Tycoon, that was a good one. Now it's like "XXXXXXXXX Tycoon" pretty much anything. I do think Prison Tycoon was a good idea - or rather the better embodied by Prison Architect I suppose.

- Dan

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