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Sunrise in the City Latino Gangster Black Gangster Italian Gangster Buildings in the City Italian Gangster Irish Gangster Latino Gangster Black Gangster Russian Gangster Muscle Car ( 1 of the 30+ vehicles available! ) Speedster ( 1 of the 30+ vehicles available! ) Truck ( 1 of the 30+ vehicles available! ) ( 1 of the 30+ vehicles available! ) Muscle Car Speedster ( 1 of the 30+ vehicles available! )

About the Game

Urban Empires is a multiplayer 3D gang simulation game. The game has both strategic and action elements. You fight for control over a city with up to 6 other gangs. Importing drugs, extortion, robbery, and other methods allow you to get money which you can use to expand your gang, buy new guns, cars, legitimate businesses, etc.
At any point in time, you can jump down and take control of any of your gang members. The game then changes from a strategy game into an action game where you're free to do anything that you want from getting in vehicles to mugging people, you can also complete your own orders that you gave in the strategy mode. Though the player can choose from a number of victory conditions to play to, the game has a sort of open ended / sandbox gameplay.
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Key Features

  • 64 players per server
  • Large Cities to fight for control over
  • Give orders to your gangsters from above, then fight it out in 3rd Person
  • 9 Different Gangs to choose from (including SWAT/Police)
  • 50+ weapons to select from
  • 30+ vehicles to select from
  • 12 different commands/orders to issue to your gangsters
  • Statistics and Rank tracking for players and gangs
  • World Editor to create your own cities

Character Concept Art

Biker 1 Biker 2 Biker 3 Black Gangster 1 Black Gangster 2 Black Gangster 3 Black Gangster 4 Cuban Gangster 1 Cuban Gangster 2 Cuban Gangster 3 Irish Gangster 1 Irish Gangster 2 Irish Gangster 3 Italian Gangster 1 Italian Gangster 2 Italian Gangster 3 Female Citizen 1 Female Citizen 2 Female Citizen 3 Male Citizen 1 Male Citizen 2 Male Citizen 3 Japanese School Girl Gang 1 Japanese School Girl Gang 2 Latino Gangster 1 Latino Gangster 2 Latino Gangster 3 Police Officer SWAT Officer Russian Gangster 1 Russian Gangster 2 Russian Gangster 3 Yakuza Gangster 1 Yakuza Gangster 2 Yakuza Gangster 3

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